Socially Conscious Dentistry

Our Calgary and Area Dental Clinics
Support Local and International Communities

About TREC

We are a group of socially conscious dentists that all believe in the TREC values.
Simply, TREC stands for:



Team is a way of being not just what you do. It's a way of thinking, behaving and an egoless way of working and winning together.


We respect ourselves, our clients, our suppliers and each other. It's about building a culture of respect and integrity.

Exceptional Dentistry

Providing high quality dentistry, we strive to surprise our clients with their dental experience.

Continuous & Never-ending Improvement

We are endlessly fascinated with how we can improve to enhance the client experience.


"TREC Dental was founded to bring together like-minded dental professionals who are passionate about dentistry and about making the world a better place"
- Dr. Jan Jaffer

TREC Local

We are grateful to live and work in Calgary, a beautiful city full of the some of greatest people in the world. We believe in giving back and supporting our community here at home. 

TREC Abroad

Many communities in the developing world do not have access to dental healthcare. TREC dentists have traveled all over the world to provide free dental care to some of these communities in need.