Socially Conscious Dentistry

Our Calgary and Area Dental Clinics
Support Local and International Communities

About TREC

We are a group of socially conscious dentists that all believe in the TREC values.
Simply, TREC stands for:



Team is a way of being not just what you do. It's a way of thinking, behaving and an egoless way of working and winning together.


We respect ourselves, our clients, our suppliers and each other. It's about building a culture of respect and integrity.

Exceptional Dentistry

Providing high quality dentistry, we strive to surprise our clients with their dental experience.

Continuous & Never-ending Improvement

We are endlessly fascinated with how we can improve to enhance the client experience.


"TREC Dental was founded to bring together like-minded dental professionals who are passionate about dentistry and about making the world a better place"
- Dr. Jan Jaffer

Join the TREC Team

We are always looking for new professionals to join our team. Here's what our long-term staff say about us:

Taran Fodchuk

Office Manager (Team lead), RDA

I joined TREC in 2009 after completing my dental assistant program. TREC has always felt like family to me, which is one of the reasons I love working with the group.

TREC truly wants to see their team members succeed and I feel so lucky to work for group that chooses to help me succeed in my career. 

Rahma Surve

Clinic Manager

Hello! My name is Rahma and I have been working with TREC Dental since 2010 under Saddletowne Dental as management. TREC Dental is unlike any team I have worked with before. We strive to do more than just local dentistry, we want to change lives for the better globally! I have always felt like a needle in a hay stack when I thought about how much the world needs and how much I can help.

TREC Dental didn't only allow me to be a part of the enormous difference they make, but also encouraged me and supported me to make a difference on my own. Mission trips, building schools, walk for cancer, shoeboxes for Samaritan's purse and the Alex bus are to name a few of many! Aside from all the great things already mentioned, we are a family and I wouldn't trade it for anything else!

Danielle Farley

Dental Hygienist

Working for TREC has allowed me to the opportunity to grow in so many ways, both professionally and personally. As a hygienist, there are always courses, classes, presentations, and speakers available to me to increase my clinical knowledge, and a very encouraging and supportive team of dental professionals to aid in my growth.

Personally, they have provided me with the life-changing opportunity to volunteer my time and skills in developing countries around the world, to help improve the oral and overall health of so many amazing people.


Office Staff

I have been with TREC dental since 2013. I can't imagine choosing to work anywhere else. TREC offers an abundance of opportunities to improve and grow both personally and professionally. The supportive environment at TREC allows employees to achieve the ideal work/ home life balance.
I feel 100% confident when booking patients, family, and friends because I know they are going to receive the best possible care from a team that has the patient's best total heath at heart.


Office Manager (Team Lead)

This is my 8th year at TREC dental. I have been privileged to work with this group as they are not only my team members but a second family. TREC invests alot of time and money into training on the newest most up to date technological advancements in dentistry as well as Team building and cohesiveness.

Giving back to our immediate community as well as abroad is very important to TREC and I have been honoured to be able to participate in many of these events including, Habitat for Humanity, Operations Christmas Child, Inn From the Cold as well as Alex bus among many others.


Dental Assistant

I have worked at royal oak dental for 11 years. Im truly lucky to come to work and be able to work with great friends. I also really enjoy getting to know my patients and seeing their smiling faces. 


TREC Local

We are grateful to live and work in Calgary, a beautiful city full of the some of greatest people in the world. We believe in giving back and supporting our community here at home. 

TREC Abroad

Many communities in the developing world do not have access to dental healthcare. TREC dentists have traveled all over the world to provide free dental care to some of these communities in need.