Socially Conscious

We're a group of socially conscious dentists. We believe in giving back to our community both locally and internationally. We spend our time volunteering at a variety of wonderful organizations like The Mustard Seed, Calgary Food Bank, In From the Cold, The World Partnership Walk and many more wonderful organizations.

We also work internationally on improving our global community. We travel to provide dentistry to people who don't have access. We've traveled to Guatemala, Peru, Honduras and Tibet. We also donate to Early Childhood Education Centres in Uganda and Pakistan through IREAD.

TREC Local

TREC International

TREC doesn't just help locally. We travel each year to help provide dentistry to people who don't have access! 


Teamwork is incredibly important to us. We're only as good as those around us, so we continuously strive to learn more and be better teammates. It's a way of thinking and behaving in an egoless way so we can work and win together.


Respect is one of our core values. We strive to create an environment of mutual respect for our co-workers, our supplier and most importantly our patients. So, all our clinics follow the Alberta Dental Association fee guide. We also work in partnership with our patients to ensure they are comfortable with their dental work. 

ADA Fee Guide FAQ

Do dental clinics have to follow the ADA Fee Guide?

No. We choose to follow the ADA Fee Guide, so our patients know they are paying what they are supposed to. The ADA Fee Guide provides transparency to our patients about their dental fees.

What does the Fee Guide cover?

The ADA Fee Guide document outlines over 1,600 dental codes.

How do I limit my dental fees?

Good dental hygiene is the best way to reduce your dental fees. We will also work with you and your insurance to ensure you are comfortable with the work we are doing.


Exceptional Dentistry

Providing high-quality dentistry, we strive to surprise our clients with their dental experience.


Dr. Jan Jaffer

I feel so fortunate to live here in Calgary and to be able to work in a field I am so passionate about. 

Dr. Jan Jaffer CEO

Giving back to the community, both here at home and around the world, is incredibly important to me. This is why I founded TREC dental, to bring together like-minded dental professionals who are passionate about dentistry and about making the world a better place however we can.

I love bringing our teams together for events around social responsibility.

I also participate in international missions to provide free dental care to communities around the world through Dentistry for All and Kindness in Action.


Dr. Noorali Jaffer

I have been living and practising dentistry in Calgary for the past 35 years and am proud to be a part of TREC Dental.

Dr. Noorali Jaffer

It is so humbling and inspiring to work alongside other dental professionals who give so much back to the community, whether it is through their time or resources.

I have enjoyed participating in TREC's activities supporting The Alex, the Alberta Children's Hospital and other local charities. 

Since retiring from dentistry a few years ago, I have devoted my time and energy to IREAD -- a non-profit I founded that builds schools in rural communities in Asia and Africa.  I am grateful for the support IREAD has received from members of the TREC Dental family.


Dr. Mebs Sayani

The connections and relationships I've built over the years are what I've come to value the most.

Dr. Mebs Sayani

TREC Dental embodies the values that are important to me - giving back to the community, both locally and internationally. This started off as a Friday afternoon at CUPS and led to volunteering for three weeks in remote areas of Tibet. I am now blessed to be on the board of Kindness In Action and be a part of a group that serves people in need all over the world including Ecuador, Peru and Cambodia.

Locally, our team at Ranchlands Dental has taken part in serving children in need on the Alex Bus, mentoring literacy programs at St Rita's School, adopting families during Christmas and providing care to families escaping domestic violence at the Sheriff King home. 


Dr. Volinder Dhesi

It is my honour to serve the people of Calgary and give back to my amazing community.

Dr. Volinder Dhesi

One of the most fun events I was able to participate in was when I organized a "Day with the Grey Cup" at Ranchlands Dental Clinic.  In January 2015, I arranged to have the Grey Cup come to our clinic and we raised $3000 for charities supported by the Calgary Stampeders.

Over the years, our entire Ranchlands Dental team has been a steady contributor to the community.  We have volunteered to provide dentistry for abused women at the Sheriff Home as well as vulnerable children and their families through the Alex Bus.

Our team had been involved in the reader program at Saint Rita's Elementary School this past year along with sponsoring families during the Christmas season. This year, we contributed gifts to children in need through the Samaritan's Purse Christmas Shoe Box initiative.  Our team also has donated to numerous charitable causes including the Unlocking Potential Foundation and Kids Cancer Care.


Dr. Jodi Gergely

I have grown up in a family that has modelled what it means to bless those in your life.

Dr. Jodi Gergely

Being a dentist allows me to come into contact with many people that I can give little blessings to every day from the team I work with to the clients that come into the office to trust me and my team with their dental care.

Dentistry is an outlet for me to use my creative side and an opportunity to keep growing and learning which allows me to provide better care and service for my patients.  So many people have fear around having dental work done and this is a way in which I can make a positive impact by showing them love, care and understanding.

I believe that dental care is something that everyone should have access too and that is why my team and I participate in the Alex bus and help refugees locally as well as supporting a dental clinic in Honduras where dental care is extremely limited.  It is an amazing gift to be able to be involved in these initiatives.


Dr. Manjula Reddy

I live by a certain quote that I read at a young age:  The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. 

Dr. Manjula Reddy

I have been fortunate enough to have 'found myself' by practising dentistry for over twenty years.  It has given me countless opportunities to change smiles, prevent disease and reduce risk, and has also blessed me with the opportunity to meet generations of families.

Being a dentist has also allowed me to be able to volunteer my time, make monetary donations, and organize events for our group.  My mission has always been to bring a level of contentment to others through dentistry and service.


Dr. Amrit Chana

Growing up my parents instilled in me the importance of giving to others less fortunate. I love that dentistry gives me the ability to fulfill those dreams of giving back to my community!

Dr. Amrit Chana

At Cranston Market Dental, it's all about giving back! For our patients who have adopted families in need for Christmas, we donate toothbrushes, paste and floss. This year we adopted a family with a sick child and were able to purchase gift certificates for toys, clothing and grocery. We also support school fundraising projects by donating electric toothbrushes and Zoom whitening products.

For the past two years, we have volunteered at the Mustard Seed Donation Sorting Centre and plan to make this an annual adventure for our team! We support Dentistry for All and Plan Canada monthly and take pride in having been able to support a young boy and his family for the past 4 years!  We have also been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to work with The Alex's bus to provide free dental treatment to families in need at Ranchlands Dental Clinic and Creekside Dental.


Dr. Linda Geng

Being a dentist allows me to bring comfort to those in pain, educate on better self-care and facilitate the improvement of oral and overall health.

Dr. Linda Geng

Though I enjoy seeing patients of all ages, one of the most gratifying aspects of my job is to help my youngest patients grow into young adults and parents themselves with healthier teeth and healthier habits.  
As part of the TREC family, I'm also given opportunities to help others beyond the treatment room. Through working with various local and international organizations, our team at Wildwood has been able to donate time, skills, materials and funds to those in need both near and far.  I can truely say I look forward to my work every morning!

Dr. Japjot Gill

I was born and raised in Vancouver, British Columbia where I obtained my Doctor of Dental Medicine degree at the University of British Columbia. 

Dr. Japjot Gill

After working in Edmonton, I relocated to Calgary in 2015 and have been practising in Calgary ever since.

From an early age, I knew I wanted to dedicate my career to helping others and have a positive impact on their quality of life, dentistry gives me the ability to do that. I enjoy all areas of general and cosmetic dentistry: crowns, veneers, bridges, implant restorations, fillings, root canal therapy, and extractions.

Outside of work, you can find me working out, playing basketball, travelling and golfing.

“My goal is to give you the smile you've always wanted...”


Dr. Munjot Dosanjh

I feel blessed to be able to help others going through the struggles that a lot of new Canadian and young families face in gaining access to dental care.

Dr. Munjot Dosanjh

I feel so fortunate to be a part of such a committed and generous group of dentists that value volunteerism and giving back both abroad and in the communities in which we reside. 

In the past, I have had many opportunities to volunteer my time with such great organizations like "Kindness in Action" overseas, "Dentistry from the heart" locally and I look forward to the continuing this with TREC Dental. 

At my own dental practice, I enjoy building connections with patients through open communication leading to trusting and long-lasting relationships. Being involved in the improvement of patients dental and overall health through education is a very rewarding process. One thing I value most about dentistry is empowering patients to take control of and to see the value in maintaining oral health. 


Dr. Tanya Chacko

We have a great team that is passionate about dentistry and is committed to providing our patients with gentle treatment and the greatest level of comfort. 

Dr. Tanya Chacko

I was fortunate enough to study dentistry at University College Cork in Ireland. I returned to my roots in Alberta to be closer to my family and also to foster my love for hiking in the beautiful Rockies. I believe in constantly learning and growing in dentistry so I can serve my patients in the best way possible.  I also enjoy challenging myself physically with completing half marathons, playing ultimate frisbee and recently I was able to complete a seven-day trek along the famous West Coast Trail. 

I have always found fulfillment from giving to others in service and building strong relationships. I am grateful to be in a profession that allows me to do both. I enjoy working together with my patients to exceed expectations. I am passionate about volunteering with my time and skills in local communities and abroad. Taking on exciting volunteer opportunities will continue to be a key component of my love for dentistry now and in the future.

I have had the privilege of volunteering with Kindness in Action providing free dentistry to those in need in Peru. I have also enjoyed volunteering locally with CUPS and Samaritan's Purse Operation Christmas Child. I am eager to find more ways to be involved with our community in Cochrane and over time I hope to connect with you and your families.


Continuous Improvement

Our learning is never complete! We are continually growing and improving so we can be our best selves and provide you with the best care!

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