After a looooong layoff, many kids are heading back to school! Obviously there are a lot of new back-to-school considerations that we’ve never seen before, but don’t forget to keep those Iron Man and Captain Marvel lunchboxes filled with foods that are healthy for your kids’ bodies and teeth! Most kids aren’t going to want to brush (or floss!) at school after lunch, so you really don’t want to have too much bacteria and cavity-causing food having hours to do damage before they come home.


Healthy back to school snacks for kids

Green Light snacks to go with your lunch! (Enjoy these daily)

  • fresh fruit & vegetables
  • popcorn
  • sugar free gum
  • pickles, olives, salsa & dips
  • whole wheat bagels
  • cheese or butter/margarine
  • lots of water!


Yellow Light Snacks! (Try to eat these sparingly)

  • fruit beverages & juice boxes
  • canned fruit in syrups
  • processed dried fruits
  • fruit gummies & fruit roll ups
  • granola & cereal bars
  • white bread, white bagels & buns
  • chips & cheesies
  • yogurt drinks


Red Light Snacks! (Try to avoid if you can!)

  • jell-o, marshmallows & regular gum
  • candy, chocolate, cakes & cookies
  • slurpees, slushies & pop
  • sports & energy drinks
  • popsicles & freezies


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