Is a root canal really as painful as you think? What happens during a root canal? Learn the answers to all these and more! Join Dr. Linda Geng and Dr. Jan Jaffer as they ease your concerns about the most feared dental procedure! 

Dr. Linda Geng graduated from the University of Toronto Dental School in 2009, and has been a partner with TREC Dental at The Wildwood Dental Clinic in Calgary, Alberta for 9 years. Dr. Geng regularly volunteers her time and clinic with The Alex and CUPS Dental to provide free dental work for Calgarians in need, and supports many other initiatives both in her Wildwood Clinic community as well as throughout Calgary.

Host Dr. Jan Jaffer graduated from dental school in his early 20’s, and quickly became instrumental in growing his father’s single dental clinic into the TREC Dental Partnership, operating 14 dental clinics and a digital dental laboratory in the Calgary area. Dr. Jaffer is actively involved in many causes including the World Partnership Walk, for which he is the Calgary chair.